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Our seamless underwear is realized through the combination of the following fibers:


Its main properties are:

  BODY THERMOREGULATION: Polypropylene hollow fiber produces an insulating effect on the skin and hence reduces sudden thermal shocks creating at the same time an excellent microclimate between fabric and skin.

  THERMAL INSULATION: Moisture is transferred to the exterior by constant evaporation.

  HYGROSCOPICITY: Minimum water retention. The skin remains dry.

  WATERPROOF: Polypropylene does not absorb liquids.

  BACTERIOSTATICITY: Avoids bacteria proliferation.

  HYPOALLERGENICITY: It can also by worn by the most sensitive skins.

  ANTI-ODOUR: It avoids unpleasant odours.

  ANTISTATIC: Helps discharging static electricity from the body.


Staff Jersey underwear is realized thanks to seamless technology: the new machine concept which develops cutting edge technical contents and provides great creative possibilities for the manufacturing of comfortable garments with a perfect wearability. This technology makes it possible to obtain underwear items with a clean appearance, a great definition of designs and a very reduced thickness, in order to guarantee lightness and comfort. But its main feature is given by its flexibility: technical innovation combines with elegance and originality in order to create harmonies on specific areas of the body thanks also to the possibility of mixing different knitting structures on the same garment.